Thursday, August 4, 2011

Strategies for Nancy

During my 21-day fast, I mentioned one of the things I was seeking God about was the marriage of John and Nancy - two people I do not know, but feel God's presence in the situation and I know that He wants victory for them. It has been a long time since I started praying for John and Nancy and I need to reFOCUS on what God has spoken regarding the strategy for them.

  • The very first thing that God spoke to me is that John wants to come home, but he has inquired a huge deal of debt. I told my sister-in-law that God spoke this to me, but asked her to please not tell Nancy because I did not want to discourage Nancy and I wasn't sure that God had been super clear on this. My sis-in-law confirmed this as the truth. John and Nancy had no debt together - house is paid for and they owned a business together. John bought a house and a boat for the other lady and has loans on all of it. How awesome the Father is to reveal the way. MISSION FOR PRAYER: Break the yokes of bondage - both debt and personal so that John can return to his first love (Nancy)
  • God spoke to me through the music video below regarding John and how He is going to break through all the demons in John's life
  • One night, I was lying in bed praying for John and Nancy and I asked God to speak freedom over John with me. I asked God to say it with his voice...the same voice that split heaven and earth and that brought all that we see into existence. Our country's national anthem started playing in my mind, "The Star Spangled Banner". Here is what I learned of the song as a child. The writer was in a boat in the harbor losing hope, but as he looked out the small window of the ship, he saw the flag flying. It gave him hope. What God spoke to me is that John feels like a prisoner, but he isn't. He's sitting in a prison cell where the door is not locked. He is waiting until morning and can come out. I transferred this revelation to my sis-in-law who transferred it to Nancy. One of them read the wikipedia article about the song. Lo and behold, Francis Scott Key was not a prisoner in the ship after all. He had gone to rescue someone who was a prisoner. How awesome!? MISSION FOR PRAYER: Ask the Lord to bring morning soon, so that John and Nancy can leave John's 'prison cell' in safety and in the light.

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