Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Alter

The definition of fasting is to give something up and overcome the needs of your body.

I am sacrificing all soft drinks, coffee, lemonade and tea for the 21-day fast. This is the sacrifice that I am laying on the alter before the Lord. Almost two years ago, I gave up drinking Mountain Dew. I was an addict. I started drinking more coffee and replaced Mountain Dew with Sprite. While I made the sacrifice of Mountain Dew, I sort-of just switched to something else that is not any more healthy. My desire is for 21-days, I will drink water. This is a sacrifice that will cost.

To be honest, it isn't difficult for me to drink water instead of coffee or Sprite. The hard thing was when I woke up this morning and naturally wanted a glass of milk. Uh-oh. I had to deny myself for the first time. I am attempting to also make healthier food choices during the fast, but the primary sacrifice is to DRINK ONLY WATER!

Fasting for 21 Days

Thanks to You Version, I just completed my first trip through the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. I am beginning the 21-day Fast now and expect great things to happen. Yesterday was my first day on the fast and I am already encouraged. The plan says, "..know that God has already heard your prayers. He is already at work on your behalf." What an encouraging way to start the fast.

There are many areas where I am seeking vision and guidance during the next three weeks.
  1. Praying for healing for my husband. He isn't an unhealthy person, but has been struggling with some digestive issues this year. He had surgery on 4/6 and ended up with an ileostomy. We've gone back for testing a few times and his colon was not healed up, so we are still waiting for the next surgery. I am praying that God heals him over these next 3 weeks so that he can have his surgery that is scheduled for 7/6.
  2. Praying for my Muslim friend. I have great dialogue with this friend. We both appreciate our discussions. It is my desire that he will come to know the Lord very soon. The Lord has already provided that the strategy is to win him through the Word of God.
  3. Praying for Nancy's marriage. God sometimes gives us a gift of faith to believe for certain things. Nancy has been going through a divorce, but we have a promise from God for Nancy's husband. I have never met Nancy or her husband. I am simply offering my time in prayer and seeking God for wisdom and strategies.
  4. Praying for my job. God placed me in a position where I could learn new skills and sharpen myself. I am excited about the opportunities in front of me, but desperately need God to finalize the details. I am seeking Him and desiring that He would find favor and provide our needs.
  5. Financial victory over debt. This prayer is specifically over one bank to which we owe a sum of money. The bank changed the type of account we have, so the new credit card laws do not apply. I am desperate to be able to pay off that debt.