Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Alter

The definition of fasting is to give something up and overcome the needs of your body.

I am sacrificing all soft drinks, coffee, lemonade and tea for the 21-day fast. This is the sacrifice that I am laying on the alter before the Lord. Almost two years ago, I gave up drinking Mountain Dew. I was an addict. I started drinking more coffee and replaced Mountain Dew with Sprite. While I made the sacrifice of Mountain Dew, I sort-of just switched to something else that is not any more healthy. My desire is for 21-days, I will drink water. This is a sacrifice that will cost.

To be honest, it isn't difficult for me to drink water instead of coffee or Sprite. The hard thing was when I woke up this morning and naturally wanted a glass of milk. Uh-oh. I had to deny myself for the first time. I am attempting to also make healthier food choices during the fast, but the primary sacrifice is to DRINK ONLY WATER!

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